Thursday, July 5, 2007

While we wait: Kinetica and Orbo Photos

dobson points us to some photos he took while visiting the Kinetica Museum this week. (Here is a link to his flickr page):

"Too bad that Richard claims not to understand words like Entropy and Conservation. "

"Some of these guys had traveled a very long way to check out the Steorn exhibition, needless to say they were quite upset that it had not yet opened."
Another reader points us to this photo of Sean holding an Orbo:

If anyone scanned in the whole print article, let me know. The photo looks like the same hands and shirt that held the Orbo in Silicon Republic's article:

And so now we're still waiting on a higher resolution photo of the device. Hopefully Steorn will solve their technical problems and get the device on display. Then we can have some better photos, and something more to talk about then one of the most important laws, Murphy's.


Anonymous said...

So, what are the odds the demo happens tomorrow??

Anonymous said...

More bad news, Mick has detected tri-waves emanating from a building across the street directed at the Kinetica building. This is certainly what is disrupting the magneto-flux corollaries in orbo. We are witnessing suppression.

Anonymous said...

I knew it! :)

Anonymous said...

Who is Mick? What are tri-waves? Who said anything about magneto-flux corollaries?

Anonymous said...

heres my comment, I am an engineer with a master's so my analysis should be worth 2 pence minimum. Take a look at the workshop photos, or guy and his plastic 0.5w/cm^3 piece of lexan. You will see 1 a plastic wheel with 4 magnets (probably magnets) spaced 90 degrees apart and 2 what looks like a fixed circular piece with angled slots. (probably to hold magnets) Analysis: this does not jive with what we've been told thus far about some complex path through magnetic fields. This is a simple magnet wheel. See stokes theorem (
pretty sure its stokes). With the scales and sizes and speeds we are going to see here the fields will surely be 100% conservative. Ok I could rant for hours to explain all the reasons why that wont work but it can be disproven with ONE simple test....Use a laser to monitor the rpm. If it slows at all ( even 1 % over 10 days) its a hoax.....or a foolish blunder. If increases to a perfectly steady state, or (ha) increases indefinitley...well then we will all be silenced now won't we?...And bye the way please explain for us layman what a "tri-wave" is, where it lies in the em spectrum, who has detected it and how it is relevant thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Anonymous was using tongue-in-cheek humor with regards to tri-waves.

Anonymous said...

i hope so

JTerry said...

I agree that it was tounge-in-check humor because everyone knows it was actually tachyon beams and they are being focused from Big Oil's satellite not from accross the street.

Jules said...

Hey! My photo is on Free energy tracker! I'm the guy in the grey jacket with my head turned to the right. Cheers Dobson.

I did a full write up of my day to go on the Steorn forum but annoyingly it vanished when I tried to post it to the world... a bit like a certain demonstration!

It was a frustrating day for everyone. The Steorn guys where really saddened, and embarresed by what had happened.

Although when I asked Pat (the big bald guy)the question

'Look, just tell me honestly... does it work?'

He grabbed my arms, looked me in the eyes, and said:

'Yes it works!

'Please, just stay enthusiastic! When you see it, you'll be blown away by it, I promise.'

Time will tell...

My take on it all is that these are good, honest, well meaning guys,who genuinelly believe(d?) in the discovery - although the past 2 days have a disaster for them.

I don't believe that they've broken CofE, but with even the smallest spark of possibility that they've discovered something, with all its potential implications, I can only admire them for going through with this. Whatever the case, the truth will ultimately prevail.

Good luck guys.

And next time, bring some more spares!

dobson said...

Sorry to be a pain, but if you want to link to my piccies, can you make your hyperlink point to the actual photo PAGE not the photo jpg? That will allow people to find the high-res versions of my images if they want them.


Anonymous said...

Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God. Luke Chapter 4.

Sean likened his "creation" of energy (Sean believe the energy is ex nihilo), with being able to prove the non-existence of God in his last published media interview before the demo. An interesting if flawed comparison since the analogy is proving a negative.

Imagine all the people, living life in peace...yoo hoo!. Lennon died young and Phil Spector is coming to a sticky end too with his trial for murder. Curious?

Perhaps God was pissed and decided to throw an omnipotent spanner in the works like he did with the Titanic (another Irish built product), which the designer claimed "God could not sink this ship".

I believe God holds the patent on energy "creation" still.

Anonymous said...

according to the kinetica site, there's going to be no demonstration today either...

are they waiting for 07/07/07 on purpose?

Anonymous said...

I love the shirt,



Sean, you arrogant fool. The only people you have upset are the ones who have listened to you BS for the last year.

I hope the depresion and angst you have caused for all these people is visited upon you multiplied a hundred times.