Thursday, July 5, 2007

Kinetica Museum Walk Around Video

To give us a better feel of Steorn's setup, RunningBare posted this video of the outside of the Kinetica Museum:


Anonymous said...

Listen to the sound of silence. Where are the "believers" where is "drmike" and everyone else "in the know". How long will the believers tell us to keep waiting, will anything disuade them? Already they fall silent.

Gaby de Wilde said...

I'm here. :-)

You can see a working ORBO here

Thats what I wanted to see. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

Greetings from's a link to a follow-up article on Silicon Republic which contains some updates including comments from Sean.I think the nay-sayers will be eating crow eventually...these guys are sincere (not the same as being correct about their assertions re: orbo)...I know some folks here in Ireland that have worked with them on their previous anti-fraud (credit cards/CD/DVD protections) applications and they are for real.

here's the link:

have patience kids!


David L (Dublin)

JTerry said...

David L:

When exactly is "eventually"? All we've seen so far is a claim regarding perpetual motion then some sort of statement that the machine did not work. In fact, we did not even see the machine working; this despite the claim of your buddy Sean M that the piece of junk was working in the days before the great public demonstration. Where is the video of the working model spinning away during those days?

To my mind, the claim has failed. A PPM doesn't stop. Theirs stopped. I care nothing for excuses or contemplations regarding lighting. If Steorn were sincere, they would be rolling out a "real" orbo right now to shut everyone up.

If they have the goods, I say more power to them. Let them be the spearhead of the age of manned space exploration. There are few people more hopeful than I that this would work for a variety of reasons, although I have never believed it would. So far, however, this is wrapping up to be no different from any other PPM/OU demo except, perhaps, with some better marketing.

orbochat said...

Hi, my browser went funny so not sure you got my last message. I now have a 1 page site with embedded chatroom for orbo.
it's free, no ads and my aim is to get people on site at Kinetica chatting live. Would you be able to plug the chatroom for me? I have a link to your blog in the footer. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Poor old babcat :
"babcat 1 day ago

I'm 99.9% certain the weight will be continually lifted, lowered, and then lifted again.

Steorn did NOT go to all the trouble of setting up this demonstration and spending the money to rent the site simply to look silly.

They know what they are doing! You can COUNT on it! "

15-India-Street said...

Somewhere in Holland a Dutch engineer is cleaning his workshop from all the kinetica toy litter, and starts counting his money while laughing loud and sardonically.

bc said...

From Slashdot, comes some bad news for Steorn: the device they are demonstrating has already been patented : Magnetic Rotating Apparatus. There is a write up of Mr Minatos's invention Kohei Minato and the Japan Magnetic Fan Company . Note the use of slanted magnets shown in the schematics, this looks the same as the Orbo device.

A diligent search should have found these patents, but there are over 500 hits on "magnet motor", so perhaps their search was lax.

Steorn are losing credibility by the hour now.

maryyugo said...

For what it's worth from Gaby's chat:

LDNeyesandears: The Kinetica Museum is not opening today. They do not know when they will open.

gabber508: LDN -- did they say not at all today?

LDNeyesandears: Call them yourself. They are not opening. 44 20 7392 9674

LDNeyesandears: Nice French girl answering the phone at Kinetica. She was giggling.

luke: did she think the whole thing is funny

LDNeyesandears: She thought it was funny and was quite dismissive of Steorn

Curiouser and curiouser.

Anonymous said...

I find this all very strange - not least because I only heard of Steorn and the Orbo two days ago - why hasn't it made the mainstream news? I would expect a media frenzy, even if it were only to rubbish the claims being made. After all, if Steorn's claims were true, it would be the most significant discovery since fire, with enormous consequences for the future of mankind - kind of newsworthy, wouldn't you think! The fact we are hearing anything at all about this means there hasn't been a governmental or military cover-up, since surely they'd want to keep this quiet until they understood what they had on their hands.

If it were my project failing in such an embarrassing and public way, I think I'd be managing it very differently - eg frequent, detailed updates, and maybe some signs of activity on the webcams!

Yes, I am a non-believer. I would dearly love to be wrong (for the same altruistic reasons the CEO sites for not wanting to profit from the developing world), but there is currently nothing at all of substance to give any credibility to Steorn's claims. I'm afraid those who already believe are allowing hope to triumph over experience.

My hope is that the Steorn team are just mistaken, rather than deliberately out to deceive us.

maryyugo said...

From Kinetica's web page:

KINETICA OPENING DELAYED: Due to some technical difficulties caused by the intense heat from camera lighting, Steorn's demonstration of its 'Orbo' free energy technology has been slightly delayed. As a consequence, Kinetica Museum will not be open to the public today (6th July).


A technical assessment is currently underway and information will be posted on the websites of Steorn and Kinetica as soon as it becomes available. We apologise for this delay and appreciate your patience.

As of appx noon GMT/London Time.

Ah well... it must be one stubborn malfunction.

maryyugo said...

Currently on the Steorn page:

Steorn announcement: Kinetica Demonstration

Further to Steorn’s announcement yesterday (5th July) regarding the technical difficulties experienced during the installation of its “Orbo” technology at the Kinentica Museum in London, Steorn has decided to postpone the demonstration until further notice.

Sean McCarthy CEO stated that “technical problems arose during the installation of the demonstration unit in the display case on Wednesday evening. These problems were primarily due to excessive heat from the lighting in the main display area. Attempts to replace those parts affected by the heat led to further failures and as a result we have to postpone the public demonstration until a future date.”

He continued that “we apologise for the inconvenience caused to all the people who had made arrangements to visit the demonstration or were planning on viewing the demonstration online.”

Over the next few weeks the company will explore alternative dates for the public demonstration.


For anyone with smarts, this speaks for itself.

It follows PRECISELY Tilley's fraud script. Tilley himself could not have done it better (or worse).

The only reasonable conclusion is that these guys, whether because of fraud or gross incompetence, never had anything that worked properly.

Incompetence at that level is hard to understand outside of someone who has Alzheimer's Disease. So guess what choice that leaves?

Have a nice day, all.

M. Y.

drmike said...

Go see Steorn forum NOW!

dobson said...

It seems that our chums at Steorn have some friends in VERY HIGH places:


Anonymous said...

My hope is that the Steorn team are just mistaken, rather than deliberately out to deceive us.

A triumph of hope over experience?