Friday, March 16, 2007

The Lucky Seven, a Forum Member Video

The only comment at all from Steorn today was from SeamusF. And I quote, "LOL". This was in response to people hypothesizing what will happen when Dr. Mike arrives at Steorn next month.

On another note, I figured I'd call to attention the seven members in the forum that are currently ahead of the rest of the SPDC. According to Steorn and verified by Crank in posts over the last month, some members of the forum are already reproducing the effect in their own labs. I would call this the "Alpha" group, the folks that get the raw documentation from Steorn before everyone in the SPDC gets it. I wonder at what point these folks can reveal themselves.

I have a hunch that Craigy is one of the seven. Here is some work he's posted to YouTube. Still very far from anything perpetual, but I'm sure Sean was impressed:

Keep up the good work Craigy!

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