Saturday, March 10, 2007

2007 Timeline

From observer in the forums:

Just for fun :confused:, I made this small timeline list of what's going to happen this year. I will list some sources for the info in the next post.

March --- Crank's new report (phone conversations with insiders, Orbo demo?)
March --- SPDC starting
March --- Dr.Mike visit agreed?

End of Q1 --- Jury status update
End of Q1 --- Some tech specifications released (specifics on power density, power to weight and so on)

Q2 --- Dr.Mike visit?
Q2 --- SPDC non-technical information starts trickling to the public forum (hopefully)
Q2 --- Replication of Orbo tech by SPDC 7 --- applying for 1M JREF prize?

July --- public demonstration, followed by media coverage

Autumn 2007 --- Validation Day (Sean's estimate: 6 months from Feb)

Jury report released
Developers Club goes live
100,000 Orbo demonstrators go on sale
Later in the forum he posts references to all of these items. I doubt the SPDC predictions, specifically the JREF prize, will occur before "Validation Day" happens. Still, it's interesting to see all Steorn's pronouncements appear in one timeline.

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