Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Email has been Sent...

These instructions were posted anonymously earlier today:

For those who genuinely want to register for posting:
Please be sure to read the forum first. Don't just get on & start posting about how it's all "BS" or a "scam".
Contact one of the Admins via email.
{ie Magnatrix has her email viewable if you click on her name}

Include your name,general location ( ie, what country you are from), & registered forum handle.
Also include a valid email address ( or better yet, send the info from one).

It may also be a good idea to include a brief paragraph on the reason as to why you want to be able to post :-)
Thank you to whoever posted this. My guess is that this posting has to do with WhiteLite's post "Can we un-ban people please?" on Steorn's Forums. Thank you WhiteLite! On another note, I want to make sure Crank gets quoted:
"eeeeeekkkkkkk! It's really creepy to see one's comments quoted elsewhere, plus a link to a search on your name :sad:"
Crank, just imagine what your celebrity status will be if this all ends up being real! You ain't seen nothin yet.

On another note, the forums have definitely slowed down since the SPDC started. As far as what took place today on the forums, the only activity worth mentioning is another SPDC crash:

From SeamusF in SPDC waiting area....:
Neo:Hi Mildside
I was in the middle of testing photo imports in franks test thread and thought I had buggered the whole thing!
So it was YOU crashed the SPDC server!!! :devil:


Rhaomi said...

Sounds good!

Anonymous said...

Crank wanted to post a message here, but she didnt understand how to post. She thinks she need a valid google account.

Crank's web-browser is formating this blog wrongly on her computer. Maybe her browser also displays the Steorn site wrongly and that could explain that Crank keeps banning people when she doesn't understand the forum messages....

Anonymous said...

crank is not banning people when she does not understand the forum messages. She is an administrator, yes. But all administrators normally only ban people who violated the forum rules (there are exceptions, admitted. Like the banning of hairykrishna for example, who was banned by Sean. Sean said it was his birthday present for himself, lol. The true reason will have been hairykrishna´s extreme stubbornness. Most people in the forum couldn´t understand the way hairykrishna behaved....)

Ping said...

I have been banned the same day as hairykrishna. I had been an active skeptical forum member since august 2006. Maybe my forum posts were a bit cynical. Still following the show, because it's great amusement.

Funny thing, I do also have an account of the spudclub, but never signed the NDA. So I have an IP-ban on the public forum, but I'm welcome on the secret one. (...)