Sunday, March 25, 2007

An Old Quote

Sean hasn't posted to the forum in 6 days. Is this the quiet before the storm? We'll hopefully learn a lot this coming week, with a jury update and also some technical specifications being released. It will be interesting to track how Steorn's news spreads out over the Internet, just like their initial Economist Ad and also their January Press Release.

We had some really great replies to The Czech Dream Theory post. I figured I should let Sean have a say in this debate. I personally think this is a more plausible theory then a scam or the idea that they are just measuring things wrong. Sean posted this message back in November 2006:

Hi Folks,

Just to be clear, Steorn have funded the documentary but own no rights to it at all (editorial or otherwise), so if it is ever shown or if it happens to be a big hit there will be no financial reward for Steorn.


It is very clear in this message that Steorn doesn't benefit from the documentary, which is strange. You'd think they might just say "All profits go to charity" or something. I was thinking today, who knows of any other startups with revolutionary technology (Google, EEStor, etc) who actually hired a film crew to document their progress?


Anonymous said...

What Sean says can be technically true.

A separate entity, Steorn Nominees LTD. can be holding the interest.

Or Unison Consultants can hold the interest.

In addition, funds could pass through either of them to cover costs.

To heck with the physics, match the money flow against Steorn's known connectons to decode this cipher.

Does the name Citigate, Dewe Rogerson ring a bell with anyone here?

It's one of the most influential PR firms in the world.

It is also ITV's PR firm.

Check out the article on their site, "Strengthening ITV1 the key to success"

It just so happens Citigate, Dewe Rogerson is the firm that Steorn retained to launch it's web site, the Economist ad and this whole PR champagne.

Anonymous said...

I remember Apple had selected journalists under NDA when designing teh Macintosh (for well over a year in 1982-1984)