Sunday, March 11, 2007

Believers and Fence-Sitters - What Would It Take?

There were no posts from Steorn today, so I thought I'd quote some of the discussion from Thicket's question to Forum members. It's important, and a good discussion ensues:

As a Steorn-cynic, I’ve been asked several times what would it take for me to believe that Steorn truly has a free-energy device. I’ve answered that question a couple of times on these boards.

I’d like to turn the question around.

What would it take for you to become a skeptic? Would you become a skeptic if…

1. The SPDC did nothing useful for 6 months except chat about magnetism?
2. The July public demonstration of the Steorn technology did not happen?
3. There was a July demonstration, but the device shown was stop/start, with mechanical/manual intervention each cycle.
4. There was a July demonstration, but there were excuses about technical hitches during the demonstration.
5. 6 more months have gone by without anything concrete about the Steorn device.
6. One more year has gone by with nothing.
7. Two more years have gone by with nothing.
8. The 100,000 products clearly are not free-energy.
9. Word gets out that Steorn is being investigated for fraud.
10. Steorn starts openly soliciting for money to further develop their technology.

What would it take?
Here are some other quotes in the discussion worth mentioning:

I think everything can be boiled down to one word, and that word is


That exceptional claims require exceptional proof holds good for me.
I agree with Thicket, WarriorPoet and shunyacetas. It is up to Steorn to make us "believers" by providing the evidence that they are promising.

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Icky Chris said...

What did the Wright Brothers do?
They flew their plane around Huffman Prairie until the locals started noticing. Then they went to Paris and won first prize in a flying contest.

Would it be this easy for Steorn?
Think about the hell that the Wrights went through over their patents because they didn't get them nailed down before they started flying.

So Steorn should certainly be more careful than the boys were. But on the other hand, they should also do some flying around the Prairie before they start taking investment money. Otherwise, my Moeller Car Alarm will start sounding.