Sunday, March 18, 2007

Today in the Forums

There wasn't much going on in the forums today. Here are some highlights from Crank and Dr. Mike:

Crank had this to say:

I'll ask Sean if I can do some kind of general reports on what's happening in the SPDC, for those who didn't join. Otherwise this forum might die - although it's more suitable for discussion than the forums in Clearspace.
I'm guessing Sean will like the idea.

Dr. Mike is doing his background research preparing for the trip:
I've been working on pinestone's stuff and having a blast. Next thing I want to do is understand the relationship between induced field and external field at the quantum level. It's pretty ancient stuff, at least at the level I'm looking for. I suspect it'll help when I start asking questions :peace:
Sounds like a lot of fun :-)


Anonymous said...

The general updates seem to be a good idea to me - but it would hep if they activate the recently registered accouts - have they activated yours?
otherwise the forum is dead already :-(
im waiting for 10! days now.....


Billy said...

Having been a lurker in the forums for a while, it's good to know that we might not be cut off of information on this project.