Friday, March 30, 2007


The dust has settled, and I am now unbanned. Here is what crank had to say:

I received an email from SteornTracker overnight, and have reinstated his account. He was not banned for publishing the name of the juror, BTW. He knows why he was banned, and that was the subject he addressed in his email...
We'll see how long I stay unbanned. Here is a clarification of the banning policy on Steorn's forums from crank:
When you're more trouble than you're worth you're banned.
I'm happy that she's completely honest about it at least!


Tundrabog said...

I'm glad you were reinstated.

Good job on this website. The Steorn website is so constipated with secrets and little real information.

It's great that you're gathering unbiased, substantive news.

Anonymous said...

The last thing a co like steorn need is an old grandma modding a forum full of tech minded people.

No wonder no one takes that forum seriously.

ben said...

I'm 'hairykrishna' who was banned from Steorns board. Presumably because I was more trouble than I was worth. I stumbled on your website while looking to see if anything interesting had happened in the world of Steorn.

Nice find on Jeff Bechtold. He’s not exactly at the very top of his profession though (as Crank/Steorn have been claiming about all of the jurors).
He appears to be a teacher in a community college. Nothing wrong with that of course.

Most, if not all, of the papers that you provide a search for in Google Scholar are actually the work of JILL Bechtold:

SteornTracker said...

Hey Ben,

Thanks for the comment. I'll do some more digging into Jeff's publications and publish a more appropriate list.

If you ever have anything you'd like to say here, let me know, I could always use a guest author! Send me an email if you are interested.

Ping said...
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Anonymous said...

"We'll see how long I stay unbanned."

Are you trying to get re-banned?

Oh, and Hi Harry. Still licking your wounds from the ass-whupping Sean gave you?

Jealousy is a terrible burden, Ben, just remember that when Dr. Mike goes where you were too chicken to proceed, mmmkay?

Anonymous said...

Hairy, you really haven't missed much. The forum is a joke. As you can see from looking at their website Steorn has not provided one shred of scientific evidence. The only thing that Steorn has proved so far is that there is a sucker born every day. It floors me how many people will believe outlandish claims without proof. The “believers” have an almost religious zeal in their support of Steorn. I realize everyone WANTS to believe you can get something for nothing, but for so many willingly to give up all rational thought processes still amazes me. Steorn’s “methods” have made me even more skeptical of their claim. Why start the forum in the first place? If the scientific community wouldn’t bite why not just make a product and sell it? Why spend so much money on marketing? The whole thing stinks of some sort of scam.

Miss you around the forum.

ben said...

Thanks for the offer of guest authorship - if I can think of anything I'd like to write I’ll let you know!

To be honest, I'm a bit bored of the whole thing. They're considerably less interesting now they've taken to banning the dissenters and have carefully segregated off the trusting. I realize people on the Steorn forum are saying that the SPDC still contains skeptics/disbelievers/fence sitters. I would argue that signing up to a binding, vague contract with them with no safeguards guarantees a certain trust in them.

I am still curious about what they're actually up to so I'll keep half an eye on things. Either it’s part of some kind of film/documentary (Sean was VERY keen that I’d be filmed as part of the conditions of a visit) or the SPDC are at some point going to be offered a ‘too good to refuse’ purchasing/investment opportunity. This may well come after ‘validation’ by their jury. Of course, it could be something entirely different!

I believe ‘detailed technical specifications’ are promised this week. That should be good for a giggle.