Thursday, March 8, 2007

Dr. Mike willing to go...

It looks like we may have a winner. Dr. Mike, a long time forum member, skeptic and scientist, has a agreed to take Steorn up on their offer for a visit. This is the same offer that hairykrishna refused:

From Dr. Mike willing to go...

I've been burried in electro-magnetic field expansion of optics on dielectric rods
formed by ferrofluids. Bessel functions up the wazzoo! I'm still willing to go -
my love of Guiness has not diminished :bigsmile:

I see the web site has totally changed. Very nice colors!

If there's a chance to go to Dublin, my passport is good!

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike
Who knows how long it will actually take to coordinate this, but at least someone is going to get filmed sticking their fingers into a supposed perpetual motion machine.

Also in the forums today, we saw Sean combat another skeptic, Kent767. Kent767 was defending hairykrishna's choice to back out, highlighting some of Steorn's "scam-like" attributes, such as "previous scientists refusing to go on the record", etc.

This quote from Kent767 in Separating Free Energy Research From A Scam sums up the argument:
If you expect us to be sceptical, then you must also expect us to have our own theories to explain things.
Sean is basically saying that anyone calling Steorn a scam is being belligerent, when unfortunately for them right now the odds are that this is a scam. I would say that this being a scam should be the default position of everyone until Steorn provides evidence otherwise. There is nothing wrong with leaving room for this being a mistake or actual free energy, but the odds are stacked up against those two options unfortunately ;-(.

There are steps that Steorn can take to prove this isn't a scam. They claim to be taking those steps, but until some of that information becomes available to the rest of us, we're stuck where we're at.

By the way, I've now applied for two forum accounts, one with "Steorn" in the name, and one without. Both are still in the "banned" state, and it's been almost a week. I wonder how many people have registered on the forums and haven't got a chance to speak.

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