Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Alan Wall Conspiracy Theory Debunked

An Anonymous poster asked this question today over on the Calling All Forum Members post:

Why doesn't Alan Wall mention his work at Steorn on his web-pages ? ... On his website you can se a lot of logos that he has designed for different companies, but there is no mention of the Steorn-logo. Why?

To me it seems that Alan Wall is not proud of what he is doing at Steorn. He doesnt want to get his name connected to Steorn. I guess he know what is going on and is afraid of loosing his design bussiness when Steorn is proved to be a hoax or fraud.
I personally think that's a bit of a stretch. I can imagine plenty of reasons why Alan may not highlight Steorn on his websites. To find out why exactly Alan doesn't bring up Steorn much, I simply emailed him. Here is his response:
There are two reasons I don't highlight Steorn on my blog:
Firstly I don't want it to be a mouthpiece for or representative of the company. We have our official channels and I don't want to cloud our communications.
Secondly, for personal reasons: I have found that when some people find out your work for Steorn they tend to ask a lot of questions that either I can't legally answer or I have answered hundreds of times. As exciting as it is to work for Steorn, it's more convenient that people don't know about it. That goes for everyone from taxi drivers to people at parties to people who might read my blog!

I am a full-time designer for Steorn, and Waltzer is my sideline business, which was set up before I joined Steorn. I am considering deleting the site altogether because Waltzer is no longer a viable business for me since most of my time is taken up with Steorn work. (I'll keep my blog though!)

I just keep the blog for my friends, not to push my career or business.

Hope this clears up any confusion.

Best regards
Thanks Alan for the reply! That definitely clears things up.


Steorniac said...

One of the Steorn jurors is known (Google-able). That Juror is scheduled to teach classes (in Texas) in the Spring '07 quarter. This fact leads me to speculate that the "update on the jury process" (due tomorrow) will say something like "While the jury has made good process, it is taking so long that the jurors will return home, continue their previous lives and work only part-time on the Steorn jury. Subsequently Steorn is announcing that the validation process won't be completed until late '07 at the earliest, with some time in '08 as a more probable date..." 8-(

We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Why would a small company like Steorn need a full time graphical designer ? I work in a company with 20000 employees and we dont have graphical designers or web-designers. We just hire one when we now and then need one..
Brian Coyle has made the drawings on some of Alan Walls logos.
What do Brian Coyle do at Steorn ?
Do Steorn have 2 graphical Designers ?
Do Alan Wall's brother work at Steorn ?(Stephen Wall?)
By the way Alan Wall's friends keep calling him Waltzer...