Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sean's Quotes....

GravityBoot has created a nice forum thread that highlights some of Steorn's claims and quotes. It's absolutely worth reading the whole thing. Here are some highlights:

Steorn will NEVER build a cell phone battery, we will never build a car engine - this is not what we do. Now the technology can be developed into a replacement cell phone battery, car engine and so on. However this work will be done by other organizations after validation under license from Steorn. We develop core technologies, others build the products
Crank saw an NDA with a 'well known' global company and a contract with a separate manufacturing company. We know the manufacturing company is building your demo mechanical units. That leaves us with the global well known company. Is there a global well known company looking at your tech with a view to purchasing an IP license once validation is complete?

We have over the years spoken to several global manufacturing companies under NDA, all with a view to validating our business model.

[by this we mean…]

we approached several companies to see if our licensing concept is one that they where prepared to adopt - i.e. is our business model of licensing one that potential clients would be prepared to adopt. I will not say anything beyond this.
Keep up the good work GravityBoot!

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