Saturday, March 3, 2007

The hairykrishna Saga

If you check out Steorn's forum, you may have noticed a bit of activity involving a skeptic "hairykrishna" and Steorn's CEO, Sean. While forum members highlight that this whole thing is a side show compared to the "Validation Process", we all know very little on how the validation process is going. So here is a quick summary as to what is going on.

hairykrishna, who claims on the forum to be knowledgeable in physics and located at some university, initially attacked Steorn by calling them a scam, etc. Steorn's reaction was to engage hairykrishna, and attempt to set up a third party validation of a specific experiment that supposedly demonstrated a net-loss of energy in a closed system, thus violating the law of conservation.

The third party validation didn't work out, and as of 2 days ago hairykrishna was working with Steorn's lawyers on an agreeable NDA. But that is when things may have hit an impasse. hairykrishna refuses to travel to Steorn's company until he has some evidence that this is the real thing. I completely understand his perspective. He doesn't want to be made a fool on film, which is one of Steorn's requirements, and he knows how good cons can be. What he really wants is some sort of scientific paper that would allow him to reproduce the device on his own.

I completely understand Steorn's perspective also. They are holding their IP close until validation day, so the only way they could release this info, in addition to having harykrishna sign an NDA, is also to have him sign a contractual agreement, which would be more in line with what they have done with the validation process.

Unfortunately I don't see a resolution here. And I agree with some of the commenters that point out that Steorn has most likely faced this type of situation before with the universities they claim to have worked with. If you are a scientist, and someone comes up to you and claims free energy, how do you protect yourself from not getting scammed? You're going to be extremely defensive, for good reason. If you are a company that has really discovered free energy, what the heck can you do to get it validated while still protecting your IP?

Needless to say this is very entertaining. Here is my suggestion to get things going again: Steorn, if you really care about persuading hairykrishna, write up a scientific paper on the "net-loss of energy" claim. Send this to hairykrishna or publish it. This most likely isn't part of your core claims, but it would be scientifically interesting and may give credence to what you are claiming!

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