Wednesday, March 7, 2007

hairykrishna replacement?

Not much exciting going on in the forums today. The discussion Nominate the next Skeptic to go see Steorn! hasn't produced much, other than a clear statement of what Steorn would be willing to do with said skeptic, and the requirements that skeptic must meet. As for requirements, first they have to be a skeptic which right now isn't easy to come by in Steorn's fan forum :-). Second, they have to be a scientist, which is also hard to come by in the forum ;-(.

If a skeptic is chosen, the visit will be primarily designed for the documentary. The idea is to capture the skeptics reaction to viewing and examining a working prototype. Sean mentions that they can beat on the thing with a hammer, take it outside, etc. Most everyone in the forum would volunteer in a heartbeat to be the next hairykrishna.

Also, Seamus has a long explanation of why they will no longer be tolerating hairykrishna. It comes down to HK's last discussion with crank, where he tried to get the name of one of the original scientists to look at the data:

Simply put we could not trust HK.
Until crank gets to visit Steorn this weekend or possibly next week, we may not have that much activity in the forums. hairykrishna definitely made things interesting for a little while!

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