Sunday, March 4, 2007

Technical Specifications and Media Attention

In today's forum conversations, we learn a little bit more about the "Technical Specifications" being released at the end of this quarter. Yesterday, when Sean was asked about what technical specifications will be released, he said:

Not sure - the build of the main content is a long (and slow) business.
Today the answer is different, from the thread Opinions on the July Demo of the device...:
Ok - this relates to us providing specifics on power density, power to weight and so on.
So there you have it. "Technical Specifications", which will be released end of Q1, do not mean technical details on how the product works. Also:

A couple of points (1) there is no 'major' announcement at the end of Q1 - I have said this again and again - all we are doing is proving an update of the status of the Jury process - no more - no less. (2) The reason for the demos during the first week of July is that there will be a lot of media attention that month on environmental issues due to the concerts taking place on 7/7/07.
So if you were getting your hopes up on learning something this quarter, forget about it. Again, we'll just have to wait till validation.

I find it funny that Steorn feels it necessary to time the demos with the environmental activity in July to maximize media attention. As we saw in August, Steorn had no problem getting on Fox News and many other news media outlets, by simply buying a one page advertisement claiming free energy, with zero evidence. This time supposedly they'll have live public demos. I seriously doubt they'll have trouble attracting some buzz.

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