Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SPDC Live Today, Some nice Steorn Quotes

The SPDC went live today. Many forum members commented on problems with the software, especially lack of smiley's. Also, Sean had some interesting things to say today in this forum discussion:

skeptical:The Kinetica Toy video was shown and that certainly wasn't OU! Again, the impression was it demonstrated "some feature" of their technology. If it didn't why show it? So I suppose the same can be asked of the post-validation PR toy.

Maybe it will be like one of those toys you get at McDonalds.
lol, the power of assumption strikes again, in fact the 'Kinetica Toy' showed a far greater level of OU than we understood at the time - the point is that there is no way to defend a video without test data and there is no way that such test data can be seen as real. The point about the products is that unlike the version of the Kinetica toy 'seen on video' there is no manual intervention, they self sustain.

Here's some more clarification on the device to be sold:
The product produces energy, up to 100,000 will be made (if the demand is there) but no more than 100,000. It will go on sale only after validation, and we are not taking any pre-orders.

And finally:
The Pope:Sorry, you answered me before I got my question out!
Ours produces energy - free energy.
Then why do you only expect sales in the thousands then?
First understand that we are not producing a household item that everyone will want, the production of the product is another part of the validation process. Our business model is licensing - hence we have set an upper limit on the production, the product is more of a statement than something anyone will want IMO - other companies used to large scale manufacture and productization will have to produce consumer products, its not what we do, or will do.
Sean is very clear and precise when speaking about the details of the toy Steorn will be selling. He's also not afraid to come out and say he has free energy. I'll reiterate my thought that this is extraordinary.

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