Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dr. Mike, SPDC

Dr. Mike had this to say today:

Sean is out of Dublin this week, so we wait.
Is it possible that Sean is visiting members of the Jury to get an update? That might explain why he hasn't been chatting in the forums. Or maybe he's busy with one of these items:
  1. The SPDC
  2. The Jury update coming out this week
  3. The Technical Details being published this week
  4. Building the Demo Units for July
Needless to say, a lot is happening behind the scenes right now if Steorn expects to get all of this done!

On another note, this blog was referenced in some way inside the SPDC forums. Isn't it slightly recursive that the SPDC is talking about a blog that talks about the SPDC?

Finally, I came across Dr. Mike's resume today. It's pretty impressive. He's published a book on cryptography, and has a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Wisconsin. He also has a web page focused on analyzing some of the data Steorn published a while back. Unfortunately I didn't see any conclusions from his analysis.

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SteornTracker said...

From Dr. Mike:

I did find out that the data they collected was accurate to 15 bits.
After a lot of asking, I finally got them to tell me the number of the NI
board they were using. Turns out it is an 18 bit digitizer.

So either they are over massaging the data, which is apparent from what
they posted since I reverse engineered it to get the "raw" data; or, they
have totally faked the data.

The former case makes the most sense to me. The original data has the
purpose of showing they can measure the device. It doesn't tell anything
about the device, only their ability to measure it. I would say they have
too much software massaging the data, and don't understand those of us who
want true raw data.

But you never know.

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike