Saturday, March 3, 2007

Busy Day in the Forums...

Today was an especially busy day in the forums. Sean is back from his visit to the States, and is updating everyone on what's going on... Some highlights:

From Did I miss anything - what are the 'burning' issues:

Speccy:Do you still expect that detailed technical specifications of the Orbo tech will be made available at the end of this month?

So, we should be seeing detailed tech specs soon right? Maybe not...

From the same thread:

Jowik:What kind of technical details will be released in April?

Not sure - the build of the main content is a long (and slow) business.

Too bad ... I was hoping we'd get something by the end of this month! ;-(

Some other developments in this thread include details on the current state of their "toy" production:

Yep, we have a preproduction model and have requested some (cosmetic) changes. There will be a total availability of 100,000. Outside of a certain stock level they will be built to order (i.e. we will not have a warehouse full of them).
So basically they aren't producing 100k, they are only producing a subset, and will build to order the rest up to 100k. One forum member asked about pricing, I guess we'll just have to wait:
...sorry not going to give that out at this stage!
Sean also discusses a "safe room". Earlier, Steorn mentioned the development of a very high speed version of the technology. They were doing testing in the stair well. Now they have a safe room with strong enough walls to withstand shrapnel.

Lots of interesting points and declarations, including details on potential public demos:


Is there still going to be a public demonstration in april of the device?
You mentioned London as a possible venue.
Yes there will be several places where we are going to put devices - this will in fact happen in the first week of July, at least one in the UK and one in the US (maybe several other places) - why? Well its kinda a rock and roll week for carbon emissions!
By July we should actually see live devices running in public places. He mentions that they are already in negotiations with the locations.

In summary, we may or may not see technical specs by the end of this month. And we should see a live demo of the Steorn effect in July. Not much time between now and then. On that note, maybe ABC will add some closure to Lost. Maybe not.

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