Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dr. Mike's visit in April?

Steorn didn't have anything to say in the forums today. I figured I'd check out what Dr. Mike has been up to:

4 days ago Dr. Mike announced that he was talking with Steorn:

The process has started. Give it a week or so for all the dust to settle!
At this point, we've got each other's e-mail address. Good start, but long ways to go!
2 days ago:
Hope to meet a few forum folk when I get there. Starting to look like it's for real!
It's clear that Dr. Mike is a skeptic:
At the atomic level, energy has to be conserved. Anything else is magic. Since leprechans live in Ireland, it's a good possiblity! :shocked:
And finally some recent updates posted yesterday on when this all might take place:
Don't know for sure, hoping for first week of April. My kids don't have school that week, and if I can find really cheap fares on Aer Lingus it'd be ideal. But I've no clue really.


We're waiting for the snail-mail to deliver the NDA paper.
Dr. Mike, from all of us, keep up the good work!

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