Monday, March 19, 2007

Calling All Forum Members

Unfortunately I have nothing to report on the forums today, everyone must be out drinking! If Steorn, Crank or anyone else in the forums has started reading this blog, I have a question. Are there plans to un-ban any new accounts that have registered recently? I received this reply from H_Farnsworth in my last blog entry:

The general updates seem to be a good idea to me - but it would help if they activate the recently registered accounts - have they activated yours?
otherwise the forum is dead already :-(
im waiting for 10! days now.....
A lot of us would love to participate in the forums. I realize that Steorn is most likely in their final stretch and extremely busy, but it would be great to interact with all of you.


Rhaomi said...

I tried registering a few days ago, and haven't recieved any confirmation either. I'll be waiting, though...

Anonymous said...

For those who genuinely want to register for posting:
Please be sure to read the forum first. Don't just get on & start posting about how it's all "BS" or a "scam".
Contact one of the Admins via email.
{ie Magnatrix has her email viewable if you click on her name}

Include your name,general location ( ie, what country you are from), & registered forum handle.
Also include a valid email address ( or better yet, send the info from one).

Anonymous said...

Is anyone able to translate the following text from" (norwegian?):

Ren Energi (selskap under stiftelse)
Kontaktperson xxxxxx xxxxxxxx
Forretningsidé: Ren Energi har som mål å utvikle strøm uten forurensning.
Energikilden som brukes er gratis, og finnes i store mengder.
Pris per watt ligger langt under hva det koster å produsere strøm ved hjelp av solcellepanel eller vindkraft, men målet er å komme ned på samme pris som strøm produsert ved hjelp av olje eller kullkraft.

SteornTracker said...

Try using this link:

What's the point behind all of these links?

Anonymous said...

My interest in the Steorn is to see what kind of people are member of the Steorn forum.

One of the guys seems to be running his own free energy company at a "Business Park". I would guess that the companies in this business park are sponsored by govermental money. He has been trying to replicate several free energy devices, but they all failed. A fraud business being hosted on an university's
"Business Park" is rather interesting.

Automatic transaltion is not exactly readable :

"Forretningsidé: Clean-cut Energy has as aim to develop stream except pollution. Energikilden as is used am for free , and is available in large amounts of. Award per watt lie by far under which it cost to generate stream by means of solcellepanel or vindkraft , but goal am to get down at the same award as stream produced by means of oil or kullkraft."

Anonymous said...

Why doesnt Alan Wall mention his work at Steorn on his web-pages ?
He got a link to "How Steorn chose their website photography", but he
doesnt mention that he is working for Steorn.

He is using a haircut picture from "work", but doesnt mention Steorn.

On his website you can se a lot of logos that he has designed for
different companies, but there is no mention of the Steorn-logo.Why ?

To me it seems that Alan Wall is not proud of what he is doing at Steorn. He doesnt want to get his name connected to Steorn. I guess he know what is going on and is afraid of loosing his design bussiness when Steorn is proved to be a hoax or fraud.

SteornTracker said...

While I understand your concern, I know plenty of graphic designers that don't and sometimes can't highlight all their clients work on their website. Also, he's clearly not hiding the fact that he works with them with the quotes you mentioned.

Here is a picture he took of Sean: