Friday, March 23, 2007

I can now quote myself

Magnatrix unbanned my SteornTracker account on the Steorn forums, so I now am able to post, and possibly quote myself if I say anything useful. :-)


Rhaomi said...

Same here. I was suspecting that Steorn had some trick up its sleeve by limiting the size of the forum, but they've proven my suspicions wrong -- yet again.

Ping said...

I have been banned the same day as hairykrishna. I had been an active skeptical forum member since august 2006. Maybe my forum posts were too much critical about Steorn for the moderators. Still following the show from time to time, because it's great amusement.

Funny thing, I do also have an account of the spudclub, but never signed the NDA. So I have an IP-ban on the public forum, but I'm welcome on the secret one. (...)

Ping1400. (crosspost)