Monday, March 5, 2007

The Forums discuss SteornTracker, Account Still Banned

I registered an account on Steorn's forums, figuring I should participate there if necessary along with this blog. The account name is "SteornTracker." I'm not sure if having the term "Steorn" in my username was such a good idea. I'm still banned, which I assume is the default state of an account until the admins approve it.

I registered so that I could respond to Crank's comment about this blog:

He's made a mistake in his run-down on the forum postings, though. He's shown one of Sean's answers (to a question about the SPDC, far as I remember) as being an answer to a different question...
She was right, I got my "technical details" mixed up, although the main point still stands, we're not going to see anything exciting this month ;-(

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