Saturday, March 17, 2007

Demo Details

Steorn was active in the forums today. Sean had these things to say:

The devices that we will demo in July are neither the launch product or the so called 'k-toy' (which was binned long ago). They are very simple devices that demonstrate a point in a very simple, very clear and very powerful manner.
I thought that this question and Sean's reply were pretty hilarious:
weakinreaper:sean....set any dates yet rather than sometime in july? also when you might release the end of Q1 info?

1st week of July and end of Q1 :bigsmile:
Sean reiterates what he has said all along about this whole process:
tweakinreaper: all we have is opinion and speculation in this forum

I agree, it is no different at the moment in the SPDC, I do not know how much more I can say this but I again repeat that I have not asked you to believe our technology claim. The result of the Jury process tied with other actions are designed to deal with the key issue, all is speculation until the Jury deliver their verdict.
Sean discussing Steorn's current strategy:
As I said above, the July thing is an addition to the plan. The reason for the first week of July are the concerts that are happening that week, we want to ensure that free energy is on the agenda.
And more on the purpose of the July public demonstrations:
tweakinreaper:why not give a taste of the fruit to have everyone begging for it?
As I said, it is a 'stunt' to get FE on the agenda - the best advise that we have to ensure this is to do the 'stunt' 1st week of July.
As far as revealing exactly what will take place in July:
so on july would you only show a device or connect it to a generator to power something? a pump to help awareness of your africa project?

You will have to wait until July to see!
Other items in this discussion worth mentioning include Sean stating that he'll look into Dr. Mike's NDA on Tuesday (they are off on Monday), The first quarter announcement will take place in March, not April, and finally, Crank mentioned that she hasn't made any progress on her follow up items with Steorn.

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