Friday, March 30, 2007

From crank: It's next week :-(

From crank:

Since it's almost 5.30pm I texted Sean to ask when the tech details would be revealed, and he just texted back 'Next week' :sad:
We'll just have to be patient.


Ping said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I am coming after you. BUD


: leaking confidential info is funny? Being a lying thieving ass is funny to YOU, maybe
Honor. Duty. Faith

i forget , traitors don't know when to stop

you miserable excuse for a human

This will be followed by a long
letter from the lawyers.

Victor Hugo

: and if my comment is censored: I put you on the priority list

Anonymous said...


humph. What are the odds that If i ask for Forensic analysis of your computers and Launch a private investiation someone related to you will turn up in the SPDC.
you think noone can connect the dots?

You do know the penalty for Corporate Espionage?


You have been warned

Victor Hugo

Anonymous said...

The previous two posts do not reflect any official postion of Steorn or the SPDC.

I suggest they be deleted for the benefit of all.

Anonymous said...

That's accurate: I do not represent Steorn: I am not under duress and I am acting of my own free will.
I also certify that steorn has not asked/implied/instigated my actions.
having said that: I have watched with growing horror a breach of faith that harms a huge opportunity that can benefit the world, if true.
How selfish do you have to be before moving agianst someone who threatens an opportunity for the entire human race.

And whoever logged in as anonymous and claimed to represent steorn: That's not how it works, you can't ask for my comments to be deleted and you have to authenticate yourself . If you don't i will assume You are lying.

Victor Hugo
PS: from whatever little i have learned about steorn, they are no cowards,So who are you "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

ping, your theory sounds pretty reasonable. i'm still a fence sitter (on the scam/hoax fence) but
leaning more and more to the hoax side recently. there are too many people involved,
for example the dutch scientist who claimed that the kinetica-device is OU.

they must already have hours of video footage, for example from the
kinetica presentation, the party and maybe the jury if it exists.

i hope all the people involved, believers, skeptics and cynics alike, will have a
good laugh at the end of the steorn saga.

victors comment is also quite funny :)

Anonymous said...

First warning has been forwarded to google. If this is here in 24 hours ...The world will have a problem: not just you

google: Your move

Anonymous said...

New information has led to the request for deletion being withdrawn

SteornTracker: have fun

google: please confirm receipt of letter cancelling earlier request

This Blog is legally in the clear

Devilboy said...

Jesus Christ! Do you guys work for Steorn? You're both insane! Seek help and stop this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Ping who is this Dr. Bari? (made up name for the fiction part?)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out Dr. Bari from the previous post. I searched and finally found a Dr. Mazhar Ali Bari? Look at the CITY and his SPECIALTIES!!

That makes two now!


PS - I bet there are going to be some pissed off people about that Dr, Bari clue being dropped! Look out PING! -but THANKS from us non-spdc folks!!

Anonymous said...

The Dr. Bari comment from Ping must have been what set off "Victor Hugo". Looks like the clue is for real?

Anonymous said...

im dying of laughter here: You people are being led by the nose by an id that is working for steorn.
He's not dropping anything real, but he sure as hell got my attention, two phone calls and whaddaya Know: Mr deep throat works for steorn.
Do your own research: Ping is a sham
He sure has a bunch of wannabe Sherlock Holmes on his coattails. I'd say his plan is working

Victor Hugo

Anonymous said...

Is there any energy scam that has not been delayed the last 1200 years ?

Tundrabog said...

Delays are one symptom of a scam. Secrecy is another.

Steorn is consistently late on most things. Steorn apologists are very capable of rationalizing this away.

The end of Q1 update will be anti-climactic at best. The chosen will gleefully glom on to meager scraps of information lovingly distributed by their idol, Sean. Others will see the update as just more words with no substance.

Anonymous said...

It's curious that both Dr. Bari and Dr. Bechtold have very good backgrounds in superconductors. There must be some kind of a link to the Steorn effect.

SteornTracker, I recommend opening up another forum (similiar to Steorn) where we can discuss stuff like this without the mods deleting stuff. The comment section here is a bit tedious to follow.