Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Battling hairykrishna, Crank's Activities, Forum Update Announcement

Thicket, a regular on the Steorn Forums, started a thread entitled Separating Free Energy Research From a Scam . As crank points out early on in the discussion "my first thought was that that was written by someone who was deliberately targetting Steorn". If Steorn is not a scam, they will still be labelled as one until they release real data. Understandably, they won't until their validation day, so we should just hang tight. As Steorn has pointed out repeatedly: "...who has asked you to believe?"

This forum discussion turned into a yelling match between hairykrishna and Steorn:

hairykrishna: ... Why am I at the bottom? is it because it would take me about 20 minutes to establish that you were talking bollocks?
And to cap things off:
Steorn: ...You have as I said in a recent e-mail to you, zero, repeat zero trust from this company.
So it's pretty clear now where this whole hairykrishna saga has gone. I like this one the best:
Steorn: Ok, I have to admit that I banned HK there - the only excuse that I have is that it is my birthday present to myself
Not only do we know where the saga is gone, but it seems to be over as well! As Speccy put it, happy birthday Sean!

Back to real information. Crank discusses the 12 jurors a bit in this forum thread also:
I've seen the list, but only remember the two names from it that I originally researched. So can't give any more info than that.
If you didn't know already, last year, Crank was selected as a forum representative to do some due diligence for the entire forum. She got to see a lot of things that no one else has. She's still doing some investigative work:

I haven't verified as in 'phoned them up and asking them if they really are on the jury'. I checked them out on the websites of the places where they work.

However, at some stage Steorn will have to give out the names of the jury members, so they'd hardly risk giving me the names of scientists who aren't on the jury.

And at some stage over the next week or so I'm to have a chance to speak to a physicist from the first lot (The Disputed-Reality Eight).
Very interesting. It'll be fun to hear what Crank has to say after speaking with one of the original investigators of this technology.

Now to some logistics. Steorn is planning on converting the forums over to their new software system that is also hosting the SPDC, Clearspace. Once they are happy with how Clearspace hosts the SPDC, they'll migrate over to their forum software. My only prayer is that they allow us to browse posts by user. I still haven't figured out how to do that with their current software!


Anonymous said...

To browse posts by user, click "Search" then type the user handle followed by a :

For example, "Steorn:" (no "")

you can follow this with a word to search for, but the search is flaky and may time out.

StoernTracker said...

Awesome! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Someone posted the following links after Thicket had posted his text about energy fraud. The user was imediatley banned and the post was removed within 3 to 5 seconds.



The links are almost identical in content with Thicket's text.
Thicket was not banned...